February🙄 (2021.02.05)


Thank you for opening my blog


Masumoto Kira here
Please treat me well






Looks like it’s February already😅



Frankly it’s too fast





Have you ever spent a day without looking at clocks?


I just tried doing it for the first time


‘Oh, it must be evening,’ I thought to myself
Having finished all the bathroom arrangements
I turned on the TV, but it was only midday


Even though I was really surprised, there was a feeling of relief too


Turns out, time passes slower than expected🕒





There was a nyan-nyan day on February 2 right?


Have you done anything catlike?




February 3

Keyakizaka46 Documentary film
『Our Lies and Truth: Documentary of Keyakizaka46』


DVD&Blu-Ray went on sale🌳


I was given a copy too,


but the moment I took into my hands I felt this deep sensation
‘There is much more to it than just the physical weight,’ I thought


By all means, please check it out!






The bird that Morita-san quickly drew
during a shiritori game was amazingly high quality






Thank you for reading until the end

Masumoto Kira (Kirako)



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