Festival🎸Surprise (2021.12.30)

Good morning☀︎



The year is already ending in two days.


It’s finally started to smell like the end of the year recently~


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to perform at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 21/22″🎸


I was truly happy to be able to stand on this stage for the first time in two years✨


Thank you very much for organizing this event,
while taking the necessary measures under the difficult circumstances.


I was really looking forward to this day!


Even after I left the venue,
I wore the original CDJ mask all day long


It’s our first stage in two years, so I was nervous whether people would come?
but to see so many Buddies who woke up early and gathered at the Earth Stage,
I was really, really happy!!


I could also clearly see Sugai Yuuka towels and sweet potato penlights🍠


Festivals really is something.


Did everyone have fun?



Thank you very much for coming✨



Rei-chan before the performance☺︎

We will continue to work hard,
so that Sakurazaka46 can perform again!!






The other day, I had the opportunity,
to watch “King Gnu”-san’s concert with Karin-chan.


I love King Gnu-san’s music and songs
I listen to them all the time.


The last time I had been to their concert,
was the 2019 tour, so it had been a while.


The stunning two hours
The crystal-clear singing
I was really, really moved!


We bought matching hoodies♪


When the concert started and the venue was shaking with my favorite music, moving the hearts of that many people and uniting them as one,
I felt the “power of music” and got goosebumps!



I am very grateful and happy that “PERIMETRON”, which is led by Tsuneda-san,
was behind the CD jacket photos for Sakurazaka.

The video behind this concert was also wonderful…!


I especially like
“Hitman”, “Sanmon Shosetsu”, “Sorrows”, “Prayer X”, “Hakujitsu”, “Vinyl”, “The hole”, “Flash!!!”, “Teenager Forever”.
I came to love them even more after hearing it live.


Thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable time!!





I had very pleasant surprise so I will share you about it

The Japan Equestrian Federation, whom I have been truly indebted to as an Equestrian Special Ambassador,
presented me a surprise illustration🐴!!


Surprisingly, the illustration is by “Ogawa Juri”-san, an illustrator I’ve loved since I was little.

She secretly drew a portrait of my partner horse in high school “Wolfram” and me!


\ Ta-da  /


The tongue sticking out is just so cute!

I love the way it’s so plump just like Wol…

It also seems that he made the letters of our names in my psyllium color, so I’m really, really happy🥺

I decorated it in the most visible place in my house.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming up with such a happy surprise✨

Now I want to see Wol after a while🥕


Ogawa Juri-san
Thank you very much for taking the time, despite your busy schedule!




I am featured in “TVGuide Alpha EPISODE XX” which is currently on sale📕


I was able to talk about a lot of things like the group and the musical “Curtains”.


I’m happy to have it covered in 6 pages!


The dress I got to wear that day was very nice~



Horse detected!!


The stylist-san was not aware of the horse’s existence,
but it seems that she chose the pattern because it was “Yuuka-like”🤭


I also enjoyed shooting after a long while.

It was taken in a mature way, so please check out the pictures as well✨



I also had the opportunity to appear in “Premier no Soukutsu” to announce about the musical📺

Amano Hiroyuki-san, Kojima Ruriko-san
were very kind and fun!

Amano-san’s horse imitation was so funny,
even now I still remember and laugh about it 😆

Thank you very much for having me!!


Well then, talk to you later.




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