Hotdog🐶 (2021.01.08)

Good evening



After watching Konya kurabete mimashita,
and then after seeing all the Disney movies I always wanted to see, all in one go,
the New Year ended.

*Konya kurabete mimashita is a variety talk show airing every Wednesday

**Japan celebrates the New Year with a few days holiday and festival




Once again,
Happy New Year!🎍

Please treat me well in 2021 as well☺︎




I hope I can meet all of you soon〜





All of you who watched 2020 New Year’s Eve’s Kouhaku Utagassen
thank you very much〜





I feel very grateful that we could safely tie up 2020 on the large stage
together with the members and the staff.





On the day the stylist told me that “There has been an addition since the time of the fitting (of the Kohaku outfit), can you find it~?” and gave a little tip to me who hadn’t noticed it, ☺︎

*she uses the word コツ which it’s possible that I misinterpreted so excuse me for any inaccurate translation in this part





They attached a very cute sakura,


I’m happy happy,



I want to spend 2021 as well, without forgetting the feelings of gratitude towards many people.





During the free time of Kohaku,
I was in Hinata-chan’s dressing room talking all the time, but everyone was kind and it was fun-!




See you,






Harada Aoi blog 2021/01/08 16:40

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