Good evening~




The sakura trees are gradually revealing the young leaves.
It’s becoming warmer and more comfortable!!






On April 6th it’s been 5 years since our debut.


When I think “It’s already been 5 years, huh”,
I’m very grateful that even though it’s changed in this way we can continue with our activities.


For the staff who are supporting us,
For the fans who are kindly watching over us,
I want to be grateful and do my very best from now on as well!



Thank you for your continued support🌸













Pe-chan always tells me about delicious food☺︎
I feel like she’s got more drive than anyone.







Recently, I went to Moukotanmen Nakamoto for the first time in a long time!
It was very delicious🍜🍥



See you~







Harada Aoi blog 2021/04/07 23:56


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