I love Yukkaa-san 🐴✨ (2022.11.16)




It’s Sakurazaka46’s            2nd generation member

Matsuda Rina                             from Miyazaki




Thank you very much for opening this blog







Thank you very much to everyone who came to Tokyo Dome, and who watched through the online stream!!




I was very happy to be able to hold the last performance of the tour at Tokyo Dome!




This year, we toured around six cities!


People are always the ones to come to see us, so I was happy to be able go and see them even for just a little bit!



Once again I realized how the Buddies are supporting us, I feel that I have received a lot of power, and I truly am always grateful to the Buddies!



Thank you very much!!






And truly thank you very much to all the staff who were involved with the completion of this tour!!



I think that Sakurazaka is truly so lucky to always be able to perform on the best stage thanks to the help of the staff!



Thank you as always!!

Let’s continue to make great concerts from now on!!















And the Tokyo Dome concert was also Yukkaa-san’s last stage



She was truly so beautiful





Yukkaa-san was such a great presence that I think she has left and given so many things to each of us















And, on a personal note


Yukkaa-san has appointed me as the captain!




I was already feeling uneasy every day since the day Yukkaa-san told me of her graduation in advance of the other members


If you ask me why I feel such uneasiness every day like that,

One of the reasons is, of course, how Yukkaa-san will be leaving the group; And I mentioned this during an MC session, it’s also because somewhere in my heart, I thought that I might become captain



I felt rude and embarrassed to be thinking like that to myself,


But I spent every day trying to be a little more prepared, to be someone who can immediately steel her resolve, rather than being someone totally unprepared when suddenly told




Both during the announcement and after the concert, the members gave me many kind and warm words



“I’ll be giving you my support,” “Let’s work hard together,”


What each member said to me was full of words that were telling me not to keep things to myself,


And I genuinely thought, “There are so many kind and reassuring members, so I’ll be fine!”, and my uneasiness about being a captain had lessened

I might end up relying on the members a lot from now on, but I’d like to give my best with everyone!




Thank you very much to the Buddies who gave me a lot of warm applause!

It saved my heart!

I might also be relying on the Buddies as well















I am an inexperienced captain, but I will give my best in my own way!

Please treat me well from now on!





















And returning back to the topic,


once again, congratulations on your graduation Yukkaa-san!! 🐴✨




She is truly such a great presence to me!


Yukkaa-san’s presence was big, strong, and a great source of emotional support!



I was truly glad to be able to meet Yukkaa-san, to have Yukkaa-san as my captain!!



I will also be cheering for Yukkaa-san’s future!



Ganbariki with a million horse power 🐴✨
























Ganbarikikki~ 🐴











Thank you very much for reading this blog.




See ya 🌺🌴






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