I’m a 0.38-oshi when it comes to ball-point pens.🖊 (2021.05.04)

Good evening



How are you spending your Golden Week?

Many of you are probably spending it at home~. I thought.



5 May is Kodomo no Hi~🎏
*Means “Children’s day, a Japanese holiday



I touched on it last blog too but,


I will be in
Cream Quiz Miracle9 2 hour special
at night from 6:45~ on 5 May










Go-chan. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary~!!🤍







Are you the Kinoko no Yama-type? The Takenoko no Sato-type?

*Types of Japanese candy, as seen in the picture





I’m the Takenoko no Sato-type!🤍




These two said they are Kinoko no Yama-types🍄





See you~







Even this me will 21 years old in 3 days…🙃🙃





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