I’m Murayama Miu (2023.03.16)

Good morning


Nice to meet you


I’m Murayama Miu, from Tokyo, an 18 year old born on February 15th, 2005




Rather than “Miu”, I’m on team “Miu-chan”
I get excited whenever someone calls me “Miu-chan”


It might change in the future, but for now I’m really feeling like “Miu-chan” so please call me that



My favorite colors are black and blue
Recently I came to like my penlight color, purple, too



I like simple foods with mild flavors
Foods that you can guess the ingredients of just by tasting it, I like those


I often eat sweet potatoes, rice porridge, dango, and mochi



I eat sweet potatoes every day, I love all kinds of sweet potatoes

If you ask me whether I prefer rice or porridge, I will immediately answer porridge
I’m a porridge person

The other day, Yuzuki, Nagi, and I went on a walk searching for dango
Doesn’t it make you feel better when you spot a dango shop…? I feel calmed by it

Mochi goes well with everything, right, like with soybean powder, natto, seaweed, or soy sauce

What does everyone eat mochi with?
Please tell me



Recently I got hooked on soybean powder, I went with Shizuki and Nagi to eat soybean powder shaved ice
(Was it strawberry shaved ice that Shizuki ordered..?)




I can’t eat most sea creatures
I also don’t like shiitake mushrooms and bitter gourds
I also don’t like caramel, green tea, and milk tea


I want to like them-!





I like taking photos

I usually bring my camera with me everywhere


As some of you might already know, I took the photos that Rika, Reina, Yuzuki-chan, Airi, and Mio posted


There are a lot of member photos buried in my folder so I want to do a big reveal someday


Whenever they’re facing my camera
Itoha and Shizuki are always ready
Yuzuki fools around with all her might
Yu and Riko still look at the camera while being shy
Mio continues to talk without minding the camera
Nagi has a lot of expressions so she’s fun to take pics of
Reina gets annoyed and hides her face with her hands
Airi is always too close to the camera
Rika looks at the camera like she’s offended

There are a lot of variations so I love it


From now on I will continue being 3rd gen’s photographer







Sakurazaka46 3rd Generation Members Omotenashikai


Counting down the days until the event, just one more month, just one more week, just three more days, two days, one day,
Then before I knew it, it was the day of
Before I knew it, I was dancing
Before I knew it, it’s been more than a week since



I saw the seniors waving their penlights from the stage,

and I sang my, Airi’s, and Mio’s part,

“If I go on like this I can never catch up with the two walking ahead of me” (Natsu no Chikamichi)

I sang as I watched the seats where the seniors sat on both days.
Whenever I sing that part, it’s painful and I get overwhelmed with a lot of different emotions
The biggest honor to our seniors is for us to catch up to them, but I also have a weak side that says I can’t catch up to them
Those lyrics are painful to me, personally





When we performed BAN,
the venue painted in red by the penlights was so beautiful, I remember that I had to hold back my tears that almost overflowed

Looking at the scenery that looks as if it was a painting,
I couldn’t hide how uneasy I was and my eyes were probably darting around all over the place

It was really pretty
it was the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen



By the way, I can really see your faces from the stage

Everyone laughing, shedding tears, doing calls, I can see everything

If you were thinking, “Did our eyes just meet?” Yes they did
“Was she pointing at me? Me?” Yes, I pointed at you

I can see your faces properly


That’s why I got shy and my habit of looking down probably came out
It’s not “probably” but it definitely happened
On the next time I can meet everyone,
I will look at everyone’s face, I’ll do my best

To all of the Buddies
Thank you for always supporting me
I’m filled with gratitude because you warmly welcomed us 3rd gens who just joined and showed us a lot of love
I will do my best to make you feel glad that you supported me, so please watch over me from now on



What should I talk about on my next blog relay entry?


I’m looking forward to it
I’m excited
Everyone, please be   excited   for it too


Tomorrow is Yamashita Shizuki’s turn
I actually spent more time with Shizuki than anyone else since our training period
We’re opposites in every aspect, inside and outside, that we even acknowledged it ourselves but we’re the MuraYamashitas who get along well~!
Look forward to Shizuki’s blog relay entry

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