Imagawayaki + ? on Friday night   Nakashima Yuzuki (2023.09.15)






 For imagawayaki, you gotta eat it with milk

Gotta eat taiyaki with milk too

Gotta eat manju with milk too

Gotta eat red bean paste with milk too







Good evening.

It’s Nakashima Yuzuki.




Everyone, how are youー!?

I’m doing well, as you can see ^_^






Today is Friday! Hyahhoー


I’ve been hooked on imagawayaki lately.

I’ve always liked it, but the other day I got to eat it after a long time and it was so so good!

I was moved~



And I always eat red bean paste with milk



Even if people tell me “What the heck~,”

I can’t stop.



It’s so delishーーーーーーーーーー!!


If you have any food combination recommendations, please tell me👂




(Somehow Airi also talked about a similar topic in her blog yesterday! It’s a coincidence! For real!)







The other day, when I hung out with Rika, I found an aquarium-themed gacha machine.

Since I like seals, I took a shot hoping to get one.


A whale shark came out.

Really cute. I love it.


I always want to take a look at gacha and dolls, so Rika always stops and says “Shall we take a look?”

Isn’t she so kindー


“I saw this before and thought that Yuttan would like it. Isn’t it cute?”


She’s also shown me cute gacha toys like that.


Isn’t she so kindー




Just a story about how we get along.






I feel like the third gens often tell me, “I think Yuzu would like this!”


I also feel like I often tell that to the others.


I also thought that when I went out with Nagi the other dayー.


“I think you’d like this!”

“Eh! I do!”

“Right? I thought so.” ← smug face

That was a set







Even though we didn’t know what each other would like or dislike at all one year agoー.



That somehow makes me happy.















Well, the other day, I went to Sakurazaka46’s exhibition, “Shinsekai”!



It was a space where I felt like I wanted to keep seeing and listening to it.



I want to keep in mind and cherish the history of the group that our seniors created after getting over various challenges. 


I guess our “now” will become a memory too someday. I want to become someone who will make you feel proud that you’ve supported me and Sakurazaka46 when you look back at your memories later. 









We also did an exciting unboxing of the “Cool” keyrings!





I wanted to get Pomu-san


“I choose you!” I picked up just one out of the many boxes. 




When we did the unboxing at Sakura cafe,


Turns out


Yaーーーーy! Pomu-san came to meー!!!! 🤍


I was so happy that I immediately put it on my ear.

Whenever I have a keyring or a strap, I always put it on my ear. That has never changed from my elementary school days.


Pomu-san, let’s spend every day together. ^^






It was so fun to do an unboxing with the third gens because everyone was so excitedー. Really, they’re really funny in times like these. So many funny things happening at once.





↑ Me from that day x4










You know, recentlyー,

I feel like the sun has been setting earlier, it made me feel really lonely.

The autumn and winter wind, the smell, it somehow makes me feel anxious.

I feel like that almost every year.

My friends would say that “Yuzuki is hibernating.”

Since I slouch and move more sluggishly than I do in summer. Lol





When I told Yu that I feel anxious that autumn and winter are coming, she gave me a warm hug and said “I’ll be together with youuuuuuu!! Yuttaaaaaaan!!!” 




That cheered me upー! Thanks




I won’t lose to the cold!

I’m getting ahead of myself!










Whoa, the 6th single promotional period is coming to an endー I talked about it on my last blog, and the 7th single release info was announced before my next turn.



7th single “Shonin Yokkyu”
Will be released on October 18th (Wednesday)!

Thank you very much.





A meet & greet will also be held for the release! Yay yayー‼︎‼︎

Really looking forward to it




The second round of applications will be between

September 20th 14:00 ~ September 21st 14:00 (JST)!

I’ll be waiting with a huge smile.


Since meet & greets are so fun for Yuuzuー!





Huh, somehow for this year, it’s still fun even when summer ends.


I’m happy.








Tomorrow is Mio.
Lately, she got me involved in a really troublesome relationship.


Look forward to itー ♡







↑ Someone who fell asleep for a moment during break time






I hope tomorrow will be a good day 🌻



See you




From Yuuzu



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