In my second year too (2024.01.18)





Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡










ーーー Real Meet & Greet ーーー




The real meet & greet was held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza on January 13th~!




My first time being in Kyoto~~!!




I’ve always wanted to go to there, so happy~




(Technically speaking, I landed there once for the Shiga location shoot tho,,, 🤫🤫)





Thank you very much to all of the Buddies who came~




I was really happy to see you





It was exactly one year after I was revealed as a member, so a lot of people congratulated me and that also made me happy!! ☺️





So many happy coincidences~





The first day of the 3rd tour was on my birthday,
We had real meet & greet on my reveal anniversary,
I’m really happy that the fans could have the opportunity to congratulate me in person~ 🥰






I got to see the wonderful flowers too, so happy~!



I took pictures of them carefully 🌼🌸





Airi on the second block~




Half-twintail Airi on the third block~




Rina-san had braids on another block that day, she looked really cute~ 🥰
I really like Rina-san with braids, does anyone else relate,,,?



We wandered around the souvenir shop together to see which ones would be tasty~
I also made a new promise with her, so I have to fulfill that too~ ☺️




I love Run-san with fluffy hair~ 🤭
There’s a goal I’d like to achieve [related to her] this year, so I’ll do my best~ 👊🏻




She slept soundly on my shoulder on the way there 😪




Sitting on Itoha’s lap during break time 💕
She had ears that looked like Lotso’s, so cute~~




Aren’t you too close? Odakura-san?
She looked like a doll, so cute





Did you notice anything about my clothes from this day,,,?




I’m actually wearing the same clothes that I wore on my reveal Vlog~ 🤭





ーーー 8th Single ーーー




It was announced the other day that we will be releasing our 8th single, “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?”~!



Such a happy thing~~





To commemorate the release, we’ve also decided to hold meet & greets!




Here is the schedule!


February 25h (Sun)
March 10th (Sun)
March 17th (Sun)
March 23rd (Sat)
March 24th (Sun)
April 20th (Sat)





If you have the time, let’s talk~~



Let’s have fun on my last meet & greets as a high school student~ ☺️☺️



The first round of applications is until 14:00 today, so don’t forget!




I’ll be waiting~~



ーーー Mini Live ーーー




Also, at 20:00 today, there will be an archive stream of the mini live with members commentary



I will be doing the commentary with Yui-san, Ten-san, and Shizuki, so please give it a watch~ ☺️








It’s been a year since my reveal~!





Over the past year, the scenery before me has changed dramatically, and my perception of things, my personality, and my feelings about many things have also changed dramatically.





Before I joined, people would tell me that it was difficult to figure out my emotions, but now I am very happy that more and more people are saying to me, “You are very expressive~.”




It’s all thanks to the third gen members, seniors, and Buddies who have introduced me to various emotions. 


Thank you as always!





I decided to take this audition as the last time to pursue my dream of becoming an idol, and I am so happy to be surrounded by such wonderful people.



I’ll do my best to make everyone happy from now on, so please wait




In my second year too, I’ll work hard to be someone that everyone will take an interest in!





I’ll be in your care from now on as well







That’s all for today!



I tried changing my blog title, did you notice~?



I thought to continue using “It’s Airi’s 𓏸𓏸th blog” like before, but I changed it after getting to a nice number~




There is no particular reason!





I might use it again depending on people’s opinions on letters, mobame letters, or what they tell me during meet & greets! Lol 🤭





I’ll write again



See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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