It’s Airi’s 44th blog~~ 🌸🌸🌸 (2023.12.30)


Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡










It’s the 44th blog from Airi, who was soothed by the cute stray cat she met recently~~






This blog will be the Shinzanmono edition~!




ーーー Shinzanmono ーーー




This is late news, but we were able to successfully complete the ten Shinzanmono shows~~!






It was really fun to be able to perform various songs with all the third generation members, I’m really happy!




My beloved Natsu no Chikamichi costume~~



I may not have a lot of opportunities to wear it again from now on, but it’d be nice if I could wear it regularly~,,,





This time, each member has their own center songs, and the songs fit each member so much so that I’m performing in front of Buddies with an excited heart every time ☺️




I often found it difficult to draw out the emotions for the songs I was centering, so I tried to do it with my own interpretations, changing it depending on the day.



I hope I was able to convey the song to Buddies, even if just a little bit.







Now then, let’s move on to the photo corner~~







I love Rika’s singing voice that’s unique to her~



There is a moment in Blue Moon Kiss where my eyes and Riko’s would meet, and on the last day we winked at each other and laughed, that was my favorite moment during Shinzanmono 😉


I was backstage during the MC session where Reina did the call and response with “Ue ni Weei”, and I loved it so much that I also said it together 🤭🤭


There is a moment in Omotta yori mo Sabishikunai where our eyes would meet as we sing together, and that made me really happy~


Thank you for being in charge of the MC session a lot ♡
Yuzu shines so much during Anthem time, I love it!
Please pamper Airi more~


Mio looked sooo lovely when she practiced running for Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattandarou,, please continue to stay as you are~


Thank you for always paying a lot of attention to your surroundings~
Itoha was so cute in Kimi to Boku to Sentakumono, she made my heart pound 💕


I think it’s wonderful that Yu always puts 10000% power in everything she does~!
Yu was so cute when she was practicing her lines for Blue Moon Kiss that I wanted to pet her 🤭


My waiting room neighbors


You did your best to survive the icing 🧊
Thank you for always hitting my back before the performance!


To think that I didn’t have any photos with Shii during Shinzanmono,,

I love Shii’s cat pose in Sore ga Ai na no ne 🐱
I wanted to say “Please don’t just pay attention to Milano-kun, pay attention to Airi too!”, but I could already see the future where she would just do this 🤫 to me,,, so I won’t say it directly





During this Shinzanmono period, I performed with “I’m definitely going to grow~!” in mind.




As we got closer to the final performance, I became able to think and feel things like “I might have done great in that song today,” and that made me truly glad!




I didn’t think that we would be that close to Buddies, so I was really nervous during the first performance, but being able to see everyone’s expression directly in real time made me very happy. 


The excited expression, the shy expression when our eyes met, the slightly sad expression,, looking at everyone’s expression made me so happy that I wanted to share even more feelings with you.





Thank you very much to everyone who came to the venue and everyone who watched the live viewing and the stream!




I’ll be in your care from now on as well. 






See you 👋🏻

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