It’s Airi’s 45th blog~~ 🐰➡🐉 (2023.12.31)




Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡










It’s the 45th blog from Airi, who went to karaoke after a long time a little while ago~~





Everyone, do you have any go-to karaoke songs~~?









ーーー COUNTDOWN JAPAN 23/24 ーーー





My first winter festival, it was realllllly fun!




I was a little nervous as it was my first time performing some of the songs, but I was able to enjoy the performance!





I love this costume~~ 💕

I had a ponytail that day, which is rare~




I hope to talk to you again after the new year!


I’m thinking of doing the technique of spinning Kira-san around myself~ ☺️


Recently, she has been calling me Airi-tan~ 💕


Marino-san 🧸
We took a purikura together while saying “Waaー!” the whole time~


I love Yu~ 🐰















The scenery before my eyes has completely changed over the past year.


After passing the auditions,
I was chosen as the center for Natsu no Chikamichi,
I performed in front of Buddies for the first time on Omotenashikai,
I performed together with the seniors during the tour,
I appeared on various music shows performing Shonin Yokkyu,
So many things happened.




None of them would have happened if I didn’t take the audition.




I’ll do my best in 2024 so that I can see even more wonderful scenery together with everyone!





See you 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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