Mirakuru-kuru💫 (2020.12.22)

*Translation note: This is a pun where “mirakuru” is “miracle” in katakana, while kuru-kuru is onomatopoeia for spinning, as in your head spinning from the difficult quiz

Good evening

Long time no see Go-chan!

*Translation note: Go-chan is the mascot for TV Asahi

It is nearly Christmas🎄

When it becomes the end of the year there are many TV shows and special things and I’m very happy~!

23 December, 18:45~
I will make an appearance in the 3 hours special of Cream Quiz Miracle9!

This time as well, with an extravagant prize on the line, I did my best.🔥
The recording was a long stretch,
but it was very fun and the time passed in the blink of an eye!!
I’m happy if you watch it while also thinking together 🥰

What will you do for Christmas?

See you


Harada Aoi blog 2020/12/22 21:58

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