New frontier (2024.01.24)

Good evening

It has been decided that 8th single

will be released on 21st February!






This time, I will be doing my activities

as a BACKS member.



When the announcement was made, first of all


I was filled with gratitude

with how I was able to be selected as a title song member

since the 3rd single until now




I was able to meet so many different songs

and those songs have been the one that saved me the most


Because I’ve been saved, I want to deliver those songs

and so I faced each single seriously


I was able to see so many different sceneries

I was able to learn many different emotions


Truly, truly, thank you very much.









Amidst such a treasure-like moment,

there were many days where I felt

like I’m about to be crushed

frustration, anxiousness, and fear


I think it was because

somewhere within myself,

I realized that I’m still lacking




Even though I wanted to do even more

I couldn’t reach my ideals

which makes me feel frustrated and try again, which is then repeated from the start


But I don’t want to give up, and keep polishing myself

and I want to try dancing until I’m completely satisfied


Even now, I still think the same




I don’t want my sincere

hard work to be ridiculed

but I would like to use my own efforts

to change things so that it is sincerely received















The day when I wasn’t selected

as a senbatsu member for the 2nd single

and for a long, long time after that


I remembered a lot of worry and suffering

from wondering if I could introduce myself as Sakurazaka46’s member,

if I could proudly call myself a member,

that’s how much I thought about

my place to be, my reason to exist.





But now

I am different

from who I am back then


Because even though

I am a BACKS member

I still think of myself as a part of Sakurazaka


It’s always the Buddies

who made me think that way







Since last year, I’ve been able to step out of the group

and were able to experience many different things in different places

and I’ve been working hard with the desire

of wanting Sakurazaka46’s name to be known at all times



Giving the best of my ability

as a member of Sakurazaka46


I have been working hard

with the desire

to make people who don’t know

about Sakurazaka46 or about idols

know about us!




That experience

and the confidence to seriously face the music

has changed me










I like Sakurazaka46

I love it


I hope that

there could be lots and lots of people

who think

“my life has been

changed by this group!”

in this single as well!


It’s a spectacularly wonderful song

It’s an incredible MV


It hurts me that I wasn’t a part of it, but more than that,

my heart was very. very much. touched











For as long as I can convey something

to someone else as an idol,

I will do my best until my very last moments

with all my heart and soul

and finish with no regrets



I will do my best to become someone

that make many people thought

“I want Takemoto Yui to be included in the senbatsu”









Well then

the MV for “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?”

will be released after this at 10pm JST! Please look forward to it!




Thank you for reading

See ya ☺︎

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