Nostalgic ❄️️ (2021.03.07)


Good Evening ☽・:*


there was a “Zambi THE GAME” event!


To all those who participated,
To all those who played the game,
Thank you very much💜


Today’s event has inevitably became an online one but, we did call and response together,
we talked about the game, it was a very precious and fun time 😊




It started with the “Zambi” stage play,
And this event will be the end of the Zambi Project.


Last year’s haunted house is nostalgic 👻


After a long time, Katsura Yukiho ❄️️


↑ I love this uniform


The first stage play that I had experienced was Zambi.


I opened the script for the first time after a while for today’s event.


I can see from the script that I was really struggling a lot during that time,
It made me feel nostalgic!


I like to choose the a perfume that matches the character that I was given 🤔
Today, after a long time, I wore the one I use as Yukiho!


Because the school that Yukiho and her friends attended was called “Freesia Academy”, this perfume has a scent of freesia.🌼


Because I love the song “Kibou no Hikari”, which I sang together with Akane,
I listened to it after a while.
I want to listen to it again.


Because of my experience with Zambi, I was able to learn about the rewards and joys of performing.


I am sad to see the Zambi project coming to an end, but I will hold the experience I had in my heart,
from here on too I will do my best ✨


Thank you very much!



Thanks to everyone who watched
today’s broadcast of “Odaiba Equestrian Club” 🥕


I talked about my love story with a horse-♪


I will be appearing too in next week’s broadcast,
by all means, please watch it!


📺 Odaiba Equestrian Club
Every Sunday on Fuji TV at 17:25~



Here are some announcements 🐴


Yukka-’s “People and Horses’ Dream Stage”, Exploring JRA’s Horse Park” has been updated
in the Equestrian Fan Site “A to Zinba”!


Aside from the main arena where the competitions are being held,
there are also a lot of healing spots, such as tree house,
in the adjacent forest area 🌳


It was like something out of a picture book, it made me excited!!


You will see a lot of photos in the website,
It will convey to you the charms of the new horse park ☺︎


Please come and visit 🥕





✔️ I have been given a monthly serialization column for “Nikkei Entertainment”,
have you read it? 📕


For those who loves Sakurazaka,
I hope that you will read this by all means.


This time, I talked about the group’s performance,
in particular, a focus on “Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattandarou?”.


Please, by all means, read the story about the performance where we used threads!
The front cover is “Jujutsu Kaisen” 🤞🏻



✔️ On tomorrow’s radio “Rekomen”,
2nd Single “BAN” will be broadcasted!!!!!


Finally, you can listen to it, and it’s in Rekomen! I am really thrilled by the thought of it!!


Though I will reveal nothing more 🤐
Please look forward to it!


📻 Rekomen!
On Bunka Housou at 22:00~
I will be appearing at around 23:45.


By all means, please listen to it in real time !




I will be happy if you can hype this up with these tags 🌸
I will be in your care ♪




See you tomorrow ✨




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