Reflection in the Eyes (2023.04.22)

Happy Saturday☺️


In this season, when the bustle and gloom of a new school year has us all hanging our heads, flowers begin to faintly show their colors as they bloom before our eyes.

Let’s take life slow.



I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.

On our way back to Tokyo, Nagi and I ate sandwiches together🍓
So tasty     so happy~

I also got many requests to see me in a casual look, so I took a picture.
How is it…?




○3rd Tour 2023

The 3rd gens also got to participate in our first tour!

Getting to travel around with my great seniors to all these different places and meeting Buddies has been like a dream. I had the best view ever laid out in front of me.
I’ll write more about it after the tour is over.

The image of seeing you all in the venue during the live is burned into my memory.
No matter where you’re sitting, I can see you~👀


Thank you for all the congratulatory flowers.
This is the first time in my life I’d been given so many flowers. There were a lot of flowers in my favorite colors, it made me so happy I thought I was gonna cry.
This photo and my memory of them are my treasure.

I’ve been getting more and more treasures huh💭



○Meet & Greet and Fan Letters

Thank you
for the 5th single meet & greet and signing event!

I had fun☺️

I’m so grateful that you found me and came to visit.

Let’s continue to make lots of special memories together♪
I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next meet & greet as well~



I bought some of the novels you recommended me!
The excitement of having more and more books in your room is the best. Just thinking about how each book contains its own unique world makes my heart race📕

On the topic of books,

“Put a book you think seems interesting on your shelf without reading it
If you do so, those lingering feelings just might be what keep you going”

I like this saying, as I too put books that I feel a fated connection with on my shelf without reading them. I’m delighted every time there’s a new addition to those shelved books.

Everyone, please be sure to tell me about your most cherished books. I’d like your recommendations to be something we share together. Whether it be novels, manga, picture books, or reference books, no matter what it is, I’m looking forward to hearing about it~!


I’ve also gotten your letters💌

It makes me happy that you send your thoughts and support in the form of a letter in this era of SNS. Thank you as always.

It pains me that I can’t write back to you all…… it’s frustrating……


Oh, and I’m going to answer your questions next time!
Please feel free to keep firing off questions and conversation topics💌



○Soko magattara, Sakurazaka?

Did you watch last week’s Sokosaku?

I love seeing people laugh and will sometimes do funny faces even in front of the 3rd gens.
But I never thought I’d see the day that my funny faces would be broadcasted over television. It was just a little embarrassing lol

I was so happy that Fujiyoshi-san was laughing while we were recording that I couldn’t stop grinning. Thank you so much.


And actually, we took a picture together……!

No matter how many times I talk to Fujiyoshi-san, I become overwhelmed with my feelings for her and end up making a weird face.
But I’m fine with that because it makes Fujiyoshi-san laugh and say “Hey… your face looks weird.”

My face lights up with joy when taking a photo with Fujiyoshi-san. (even in the dark, it lights up)
Strangely this photo isn’t lit up.



That’s all for now.



I also pre-ordered and received Ozono-san’s photobook! Each and every photo gives me such a wonderful thrill~! She also signed my book for me, I hugged it as I went to bed. Thank you so much.



I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!



Tomorrow is Nagi’s turn~! Look forward to it!

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