Sakurazaka46’s 3rd Single 🌸 (2021.08.11)



It’s Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka ☺︎


The new uniform~ I like the sakura on the ribbon in particular~ 🌸
A similar color to wood~✨





It has been decided that
Sakurazaka46’s 3rd single “Nagaredama”
will be released on 13th October!!

It is thanks too the fans who always support Sakurazaka that we are able to release a 3rd single!
Truly thank you as always!!

To be able to meet new songs,
To be able to deliver it to you,
it makes me truly happy✨



And I have been given the position on the third row of Hikaru-chan centered song(s)!
I am truly excited!


After experiencing BACKSLIVE、W-KEYAKI FES

I could still greatly feel
A part of me that had become stronger

And part of me where despite given my all

is still very lacking


In order to be a member of the title song, I think that I have to be more fascinating, I have to improve my performance skills further.

That’s why I want to work harder, polish harder,
and grow!

I will give do my best for the 3rd single!!

Please treat me well!!





It has been decided that online meet & greet for 3rd single will be held ✨

The first application starts from today!

I love chatting with you
it made me truly pleased and happy 🥰

I hope that we could spend a great time

Please feel free to come and visit~🌻

I’ll be waiting 🤍




And then!!
A first for Sakurazaka46!!
🌸National Tour “1st TOUR 2021″🌸

I’m already truly looking forward
to meeting Buddies from across the country!

Let’s have a fiery live together~❤️‍🔥

And I want to convey the charm of Sakurazaka46 to the whole country!

We will unite our hearts as one and do our best
so please do come and see us 🌸



It took so long but 🙇‍♀️

I am appearing in “Gekkan Entame-san”
together with Endo Hikari!!

The two of us talked a lot about
W-KEYAKI FES, stories from BACKS LIVE,
and our feelings toward live performance!!

Please do give it a check~✨




Thank you very much for reading until the end!



It’s been very hot lately

so everyone please be careful of the heat stroke~!
Be sure to get a lot of nutrition!!


I am nourished by the oranges I received from home 🍊


Vitamin intake 🍊




Yassie is also suffering from the heat I’m really worried

Head hangs down



We often look at each other through the mirror, but…

Looks a lot like an ochimusha


I’m looking for a good fertilizer

when I talked to Kira-chan about it

she recommended to me horse manure

I’m looking for odorless fertilizer, thanks 🤡




Akipo 🐟




You were caught in a 23cm swamp

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