Sakurazaka46’s third generation (2023.10.12)







Sakurazaka46’s third generation



I wonder, from when did I start to recognize these words as referring to ourselves instantly?





Just around a year ago,
I was a trainee who was thinking
That I’d like to become a part of

Sakurazaka46’s third generation.








The second week of November, when Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation performances are held, is exactly the time last year when we all had the training camp.

I’m happy that we got to experience a new challenge as eleven.


Our resolve to create something good is just so strong, so intense, it’s exciting

My heart is happy that I have comrades like them.


This will surely be another period that will deepen our bond.



Everyone, please support us.










Well then, my personal goal is


To get through it cheerfully!

Well, being healthy is my specialty, so just leave it to me.

I’ll do my bestー ^^







When we first heard of Shinzanmono, the seniors that were with us

Shouted to us with a loud voice,

“Third gens, do your bestー! You can do itー!”

They were near us, but they shouted loudly.


Somehow, I couldn’t forget that.








I’ll do my best so that I can convey the gratitude that fills my chest.



Let’s do our best togetherー!









I just found this off-shotー 👼👼
















Lastly, an announcement ✉️






The 5th round of application for the well-know, very much fun Yuuzu meet & greet is currently open~ 🐦


It’s until

Today, October 12th at 14:00.




Newcomers are also welcome!

People who aren’t good at talking are also welcome!
There are people who used a whiteboard and paper to converse ^^


If you write with big letters, I will read it
And start talking excitedly~






Smiley Yuuzu will be waiting 🐦












I forgot to say this.


Everyone, good morning! ☀️





It’s almost time for me to wake up


Have a good day today too~ 🌻






See you



From Yuuzu

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