Thanks for opening my blog. I’m Sakurazaka46’s Seki Yumiko.🐱




Today is the last day of the year.
And, Sakurazaka46 will be participating in the 71st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.


I didn’t think that we would be able to perform on stage as a Sakurazaka46, so I’m very happy.
We will do our best to close out 2020 with an all-out performance! Thanks for your support ☺︎


It’s all thanks to the staff and all the people who are supporting us that we can all stand on stage.
Thank you very much.


I think there are things that can only be understood and conveyed by the current Sakurazaka46.




I am grateful to everyone who still supports us.

Please support Sakurazaka46 next year too.





Well, that’s it for today!


Thank you for reading until the end


Seki Yumiko 🐱

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