Soft and fluffy chocolate (2023.05.17)


Long time no see.

I’m Sakurazaka46 3rd generation’s Nakashima Yuzuki.



Everyone, are you doing well?


I’m doing well~!!! ☺️


I’m working hard at taking selfies 📸

Because it’s hot nowadays, I tried putting my hair up in a ponytail.





This is a photo from when we make our first appearance in “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”.

I practiced my self-introduction over and over in front of the mirror while being nervous.

Each recording is so much fun and I kept laughing all the time until it feels like I’ve laughed too much.


Have you watched the


“3rd Generation Athletic Ability Check!”?


My athletic ability wasn’t too shabby, right?

Looking at the overall results, it should be pretty good ♩


During the mat exercise, a little miracle happened, it nearly sent my face flying off.

I felt a slight concussion, but I regained my consciousness immediately, so don’t worry ☺︎


My sister messaged me saying,


“Watching the volleyball-to-the-face video cheered my morning up”


I’m glad I was able to cheer you up 🏐




I’m with Miu right now.

Even though there is nothing going on, she would appear holding something delicious like rice crackers or scones in one hand.

Recently, she gave me a cute stuffed rabbit as a gift.


When we’re together, Miu often laughs like kyahahaha.



When I gave her a bare minimum response with a nod,

She said,

“You’re not interested, aren’t you?” and pouted


When I sit down with half my eyes closed,

She said,

“So you’re sleepy, huh? You want me to go home, huh?”


While saying things like that, we’ve actually been together for around five hours now. Lol



That is how Miu really is





I will be featured in the cover and main feature of the “MARQUEE”  issue that will be on sale from May 25th!

Thank you very much.


I will make an appearance together with Itoha, who celebrated her birthday this month 👭


This is quite an old story, but there was a day when I felt a liーーttle down.


On the next day, Itoha gave me chocolates in character shapes while saying “Here. Take this.”

I didn’t tell her anything, so it might just be her giving me chocolate without any meaning, but my heart skipped a beat by itself because of her warm kindness that’s just like her.

That sure made me happyー.

There was also an interview with Itoha and me so please check it out ☺️


I’m thinking of uploading the off-shot pic in my next blog.





Tomorrow’s blog is Mio-chaーーーーーーーーーーーーn


She said this in front of me, 

“Write down “Miotan-u”! In your blog!!”



Well then, please stay healthy until my next blog ☺︎


Walking with Takemoto-san

Miu took this from behind ♡




I’m looking forward to the Kanagawa Concertーーーーーー!!!!!



Wishing the best for everyone 🌻



From Yuuzu

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