Soon.. (2021.02.28)

Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱


The filming of HikariTV’s original drama “Borderless” is currently underway~


The director and staff members are all very kind and help make filming really fun ^ ^

Thank you very much for everything as always..



It’s become slightly warm recently hasn’t it

I’m doing my best to stop myself from sneezing all the time since the pollen’s quite dreadful… lol



I’ve been talking a lot to Kyoko-san recently~


During times like our breaks, we tend to talk quite casually to each other about ourselves or our groups, almost as if we’re in Kiri and Nao’s shoes ^ ^


The two of us have quite a hard time stopping once we start cracking up, so we’re doing our best to stop ourselves.. lol

With Konno Ayaka! The actress for Nao’s childhood friend “Saeko”!

I find Saeko’s cheerful role really fun and I like her, but I like her actress Kon-chan even more, since she’s so cute ^ ^


Ah, also..

The special paperback edition of Honda Tetsuya-san’s original work, “Borderless” was released February 9th!


There’s 3 different types of cover design from the drama~


I was given one!

It makes me really happy, thank you very much ( ´`)


If you would all like to get one as well, then please..!

We’re really close to the day the drama starts airing..!

Starting from Sunday, March 7th at 23:00!


You can watch it on HikariTV as well as dTV channel, so please do tune in.


Please look forward to it ^ ^



Well then, that’s all for today…

Thank you very much for reading until the very end!



The end🌱

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