Sunflower (2022.06.04)




Good evening~



I made gyoza in the early in the day, ate it,
and as I watch TV while lying down, I ended up sleeping for 3 hours πŸ’¦

Even though my assignments are not finished yet~~




I had my last photoshoot as Sakurazaka46 member
for “blt graph.vol.79” that will be on sale 8th June 🌸









My first photoshoot when I returned [from hiatus] 3 years ago
was also with blt graph.-san, it made me very happy.




I was able to visit many places from one before my debut to the one for drama filming, and surrounded by my beloved staff members who have always helped me,
I was able to do a photoshoot in an open wide outdoor space,
and did the interview while looking back on my journey until now.



They remembered me better than myself,
it made me very happy.☺️




By all means,
please give the graduation memorial gravure a look πŸ€πŸ€




I was able to be reminded again
before my graduation
of how much I truly have been able to do my activities thanks to the love and support of not just the fans, but also the staff members.


Those were very happy days ~





I will also give it my best
to be able to properly give it back!πŸ’ͺ






See ya





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