Thank you ☺️🌸 (2021.12.30)


Good evening!



Thank you very much to you who have supported me until now, truly!

My last show and my last online handshake was very fun!




Recently I’ve been baking bread that I love, making sweets, visiting my favorite places, and just relaxing and having fun☺️🍞



And thank you very much to everyone who has attended or watched the 1st Anniversary Live online!



The dress for the graduation ceremony was really, really cute I wanted to wear it every day 😖

I wanted to wear a princess-like dress, so I was really happy that my dream could come true.



The tiara was cute too~ 👸🏼💍




I was really happy to be able to perform with Aozora to MARRY at the end!

I danced while thinking, “Don’t let this end~” 😢


I was also happy to receive the flowers from everyone 💐♡

It was truly a happy time☺️





And to commemorate my graduation, for the first time I was able to produce my own goods!

It’s a pouch with Chuuk, the all drenched dog 🐕
It also comes with an Aoko charm 🦈♡

I love pouches, and I also love Chuuk and Aoko, so it has become something I really, really like ☺️♡

I made it because I wanted it, but I’d be glad if you could come to like it too~ 🐕🦈









It’s been a truly fun 6 years~

I am truly glad to have been able to meet my beloved members, staff, and the fans☺️


Thank you very much, truly!

I will be cheering for everyone in front of the TV from now on!!






And then, Ray February issue is currently on sale!

I was able to decorate the cover for the special issue, so I’d be happy if you could give it a look 🧸♡


Watanabe Rika Official Instagram has also been opened, so please take a look if you like☺️🌸




This will be my last blog, so it makes me a little bit sad, but we will be able to meet again someday, so I’m looking forward to waiting until then ☺️♡


See you 🐈




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