To everyone (2022.07.23)

Hello everyone


I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱









As it has been announced on the official website the other day,
Sakurazaka46’s performances in “W-KEYAKI FES. 2022”
have been cancelled.







I sincerely apologize
for the many troubles that we have caused

to everyone who had planned to come,
to everyone who had been looking forward to the streaming,
and to the various parties involved in this event.

















It pains me to think that the Buddies
must have been looking forward to this day.
I am truly sorry.



This happened at the timing when, after we have been practicing every day,
all that was left was to hold the actual performance
so it really frustrates me.



Everyone was really looking forward to this
once-a-year outdoor concert.


While I understand that this is not anyone’s fault,
I really wanted to meet you.





I hope that we can be both be in good health
when we meet each other again.




And I have truly been helped by the kindness and warmth
given by the many warm messages in this situation.


Truly, thank you very much.


I will surely return the favor ^ ^





















I am gradually recovering from my symptoms,
so please don’t be worried.


The members are keeping in touch with each other,
and as we support each other,
at the moment, I’d like to take my time to rest and recover 🌸



















And regarding Ozeki-san and Harada-san’s
graduation ceremony, the details for it will be announced again in the future
so please wait for it.


I am truly sorry and regret that
we won’t be able to hold the ceremony
at a memorable place for the two of them,
but I hope that we can all send them off with a smile together.


















I watched Hinatazaka46-san’s DAY 3
of “W-KEYAKI FES. 2022” through streaming.



I was very energized by everyone’s beaming smiles
and powerful performances.


And it made me very happy
to see them wearing Sakurazaka t-shirts.


Thank you very much…




Thank you for your hard work on both days! ☀︎


















Well then.


Thank you very much for reading until the end.








Concerts sure are nice, aren’t they? 👍🏻











The end 🌱



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