W-KEYAKI FES.2021 (2021.07.25)



I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member from Miyazaki,
Matsuda Rina.


Thank you for opening this blog





“W-KEYAKI FES.2021″!!!


Everyone who came to the venue!!

Everyone who watched online!!

Thank you very much!!!!


We were able to start this hot summer together!!


On Day 1, I came to the venue before the performance and was worried since if it will okay since the rain has been the most on record,

During Kimi to Boku to Sentakumono, the clouds cleared out and I could see a bit of a blue sky, and I thought “It’s a miracle!”

As the night went on, the fog became really thick, but I felt that it has become a part of a cool production instead!

There are dance tracks with different genres of music, and we had fun performing too!

I hope that we could deliver the cool Sakurazaka46!





I was able to watch Hinatazaka-san’s performance on Day 2, it was so powerful and cute, it really cheered me up!

By using the stick balloons, I had fun together with Ohisama!

It was so sunny, it feel pleasant, wasn’t it~!
It was perfect for Hinatazaka-san!!

Everyone was super duper cute~🤤


And Day 3 was Sakurazaka46 Hinatazaka46 joint!!

We started at 6PM JST, so we were able to perform at a brighter time than Day 1. On the opposite, Hinatazaka-san started at 3PM JST, so they were able to perform at night, and I think that we could create a slightly different atmosphere from Day 1 and Day 2!

I’d be happy if the colors and atmosphere of each group could be conveyed!

It felt a little strange to know that there is not only Buddies, but also Ohisama in front of me!

I’d be happy if Buddies and Ohisama could like us even more, or start to like us starting from that day!

I hope that the number of Buddies and Ohisama could increase for both groups~ 🤤






In this live, I was able to see [the venue] dyed in the same lightstick colors since we become Sakurazaka46, it made me so happy!
Thank you very much!!

When it was getting dark we performed Blue Moon Kiss, and the color of blue spread [across the venue], and even thought we never asked to use blue for Blue Moon Kiss it became all blue, and I was like, “Buddies are amazing!”!

BAN’s red also carried me away~!


Also, I mentioned this bit by bit already earlier,

but the name of the fans has been decided!!

It’s “Buddies”!!

I guess this is how it’s written??


I secretly wanted to decide name for the fans, so I feel happy too!!


All the Buddies!!!

Thank you as always!!

Please continue to support us from now on!!

Excuse me for being so sudden
I just want to say Buddies




And to all the staff involved, who put so much thought and effort into making this LIVE together!

Truly thank you very much again this time!!

Please help us in the tour as well!!

We will do our best as well so that we could create a great live together!





And!! The first national arena tour has been decided!!!

Thank you very much!!!

We could go and meet everyone who live in the provinces!! 😆

So happy!! I can’t wait!!





Welcome back!!
I waited for you~ I’m so happy~~~😭











I still have plenty of pictures, so I’ll put them in the next blog!




Thank you very much for reading this blog.



See ya 🌺🌴






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