W-KEYAKIFES.2021① (14.07.2021)



Good afternoon〜




W-KEYAKIFES.2021 was held from July 9 to 11.

For those who came to the venue, those who watched the live broadcast, as well as to everyone who applied, thank you very much♡


The first day was the first time all the members of Sakurazaka46 performed together in front of an audience!

Before the show, I looked at the monitor that showed the audience and I was really happy to see so many fans!


Though the situation is such that we can’t speak yet, I am very happy to be able to see the faces of our fans directly.🌸


Tapping the stick balloon, as well as (waving) the psylliums, towels, and uchiwa (for us), thank you for all the support♡


The first outfit was a new one!

There are 2 types, the shoulder-baring long sleeves pattern and the short-sleeved pattern that does not show the shoulders🏹





I wore the shoulder-baring pattern but I forgot to put sunscreen on my shoulders…!



And in this concert, Oze came back🕊

I’m glad we can work together again


L and V from “LIVE”. (lol)


I’ll update again〜



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