What I like (2024.05.29)

I very much like shark movies







I’m Odakura Reina.








I like shark movies

I also like horror movies!




As an official reason,


I like strange existences, such as of an impossibly large shark

(That’s why I also like Godzilla and Ultraman)



I often use this to answer it in a safe way…..






The real reason why I like it


is because the thrill I felt when I abandon my homework

and watch the afternoon movie running on TV during Summer vacation was irresistible




The thrill of being chased by a giant creature,

and the infinite risk I face from being pressed for time,


The feeling of unease I felt back then

was quite an experience, you see…





I was a foolish child










Now I sleep with a big shark plushie

It’s a bit embarrassing









I also like to take little breaks when cooking


I can use the time to taste it,

and if it takes a long time I can watch a movie…!



I recently watched “The Silence of the Lambs”





Tell me what you like too~















The 3rd application period for online meet & greet

started from 14:00 PM JST today, 29th May!



I am truly happy to be able to have an appointed time to meet with all of you…!

Thank you as always



Let’s laugh together

and make special and fun memories in this Summer as well~


I am full of such thoughts ´`*


I’m thinking of wearing yukata

so I’d be happy if you could come and see it!





I look forward to your application ´`*


It’s open until tomorrow, 30th May, at 14:00 PM



I look forward to it~~











I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫

It’s been Odakura Reina




#おだくらさんの日記 (Odakura-san’s Diary)



See ya

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