While watching idols, I thought about (2021.08.23)

While watching idols

I though about how they truly exist in the same word as I do

Such as how 23rd August for me
is also the same 23rd August for them

Or how we may or may not meet somewhere in this world

Just in what world these people are in??

Something so glittery and dreamy
popped into my head and disappeared,

And then what I think about is,

“This is a rural area! Kagoshima!”

and I just kept looking at my feet



For me who has been spending my days like that

Ozono Momoko-san who jumped into the glittering word
from a similar place as me,

Gave me dreams and courage

As I watch the graduation ceremony on DAY2
of Nogizaka46-san’s Summer National Tour in Fukuoka,

I wanted to tell her that

It’s something I received one-sidedly on my own…

But thank you very much
for giving a sense of reality to my feelings at that time✴︎




The new group picture has been released 🥀🤍

Each person is looking forward,
the group is looking forward


I like to see the pictures that are full of sense
in Habu-san’s blog,

So I look forward to seeing her filling her Instagram with it ✴︎



And then, Hono-chan’s 1st photobook “Ippo-me”
that was released on 17th August (Tue) 」🧸


As we talk together, and seeing her hard work and changes up close,

I really admire her stoicness!

I think that each page is filled with the fruits of her efforts!



I am very happy to being told that you have applied for 3rd single “Nagaredama” meguri!

I hope that it could be a fun time

for you as well ✴︎


Will be aired for the first time in Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s Rekomen!-san!!


Ozono Rei

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