Yui-san 🐼🐶 (2024.02.09)




Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡








ーーー Yui-san ーーー



Thank you very much to everyone who came to the venue and everyone who watched the live stream of
Kobayashi Yui Graduation Concert
That was held the other day!







I felt like if I wrote a blog about it, Yui-san’s graduation would feel even more real to me, so I wasn’t really able to bring myself to write one.





Congratulations on your graduation 💛💙




When the third gens performed Anthem time together with Yui-san, there were a few moments where we would face each other, and I was so happy whenever our eyes met.




Not only on the stage, she was a cool, cute, and wonderful senior during our lessons too,





I was glad that we got to have a shoot together for Shinsekai ☺️
I was so nervous for this shoot that I barely remember anything,,,








I’m glad that we got to talk a lot!
I love Yui-san’s atmosphere, the way she talks, the words she uses, all of them




When we had lessons for Shinzanmono, there was once a day when I was on the brink of giving up, and Yui-san happened to give us gifts on that day by chance.


The moment Yui-san appeared through the door, my tear ducts broke and I couldn’t stop crying. LOL


Afterward, Yui-san messaged me and said, “Do your best without worrying too much” which made me very happy.



The words “Do your best” might push someone to look forward but it could become a burden as well at times   And I somehow felt like Yui-san sent that message to me while understanding all of that, so that made me happy.








She suits this costume so much, I love it ☺️


I’m happy that we got to talk a lot recently~ ☺️


We picked snacks together after the concert


I lost to her at MomoTetsu,,, 🥲


I love that she tucked her hair behind her ear that day~



Everyone started carrying their own cameras, I want one too 📸

This hairstyle is so cute on Yuーーー! She looked like a princess, didn’t she

Isn’t she just like a puppy~ 🐶






I’m on team short-sleeves~~
[T/N: There were two variations for this costume, off-shoulder with long-sleeves and short-sleeves]


I’ve looked forward to wearing this costume since the day Yui-san said “Seems like Airi would suit this costume” 🥰

Yui-san looked like a princess wearing this costume, so cute~





Thank you very much for supporting the group for a long time



I wish for a lot of happiness
For Yui-san,
And for everyone who loves her ⊿⊿







That’s all for today!



I have two announcements!



Shizuki and I are featured in
ENTAME March/April combined issue, released on January 30th!



Maybe I’ll post the pics next time 📸




Shizuki, Yu, and I are featured in
bis March issue, released on February 1st!


I was happy that
We had the shoot with the three of us who would gather before we knew it~ ☺️


It’s a valentine special edition too~ 🍫🍫



Please check it out~~






See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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