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Good evening


I’m Kobayashi Yui










On April 6th, Sakurazaka46’s 4th single “Samidare yo”


was released!





Have you gotten it yet~?















We also had the privilege of performing our title song “Samidare yo”





and on Utacon



It’s a really heartwarming song,
and when combined with the performance,
I think it’s a song that makes you feel even more warm and fuzzy inside













The single consists of 7 songs in total:


The all-member “Boku no Dilemma”
The cool, up-tempo “Shakankyori”


These two songs also have music videos to go with them




In addition, the unit song that I am part of,
“Danzetsu”, is also a really cool song
so please do give it a listen 💪




(I’ll be posting photos from the music videos at another time)







And on the morning of the release day,




we paid a visit to SHIBUYA TSUTAYA,
where we signed our names and wrote messages
on the wonderful panels and more that they prepared for us!



Please take a look when you get a chance to stop by









Furthermore, at Tokyu Shibuya Stream
the same art piece that’s on the CD cover is on display


Please do check it out 🤍







I’ll be counting on your support for our 4th single activities too 😌





















On the “Cream Nantara” show broadcasted the other day


I was given the opportunity to take part in the “ShowBiz Binkan Championship” segment!



As one of the schemers, we disguised ourselves as assistant directors
and blended in with the other staff members 🥸




With the thrill of trying not to look suspicious,
and the new experience of helping out with the assistant directors’ work,
it was a really fun shoot!





Thank you very much to those of you who watched it
































◇Tomorrow, I will be appearing on “Zero Ichi”
from 10:30am!


I’m a bit nervous since it’s live and it’s been a while since I’ve been a guest on a show by myself, but I will try to enjoy myself~!


Please do give it a watch~







◇Also tomorrow, live from 11:00pm
on the new music show “Venue101”


we will be performing “Boku no Dilemma” for the first time!


We are truly honored
to have been invited as guests on this commemorable first episode 🥺



Please do give it a watch~








◇The May issue of “with” is out now!



Although print issues will become occasional from here on,


please continue to support us at “with online” 🤍














I’ll be writing again~






see you again ⊿⊿





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