Sky (2022.04.10)

Good morning 🐔



Thank you very much for
“Venue 101” last night.



Sky (2022.04.10)



We felt very honored to have the opportunity
to appear in the first broadcast.


Thank you 😌



We had the privilege to perform “Boku no Dilemma”
for the first time in TV, so I was very happy that
we were able to shoot it with all the members.




The set and the outfits were perfect, right? ☺︎





I also had the opportunity to participate in the talk portion.


I felt relieved and my heart was healed
by the warm and fun atmosphere 🙇

There was also Risa-san’s graduation project,
when I saw Risa-san who is loved so much by many people around her, once again, it made my feelings of respect for her grew even more.


She was beautiful yesterday as well ☺️






Thanks so much
to everyone who watched it!







Today Sunday April 10th from 21:55
I will have the opportunity to make an appearance in


the TV Asahi’s variety show “Cream Nantara”
I’m grateful for being able to appear for 2 weeks in a row ( .. )



I had the opportunity to participate
as a guest to oversee the project
to control remotely a fortune-teller in order to
convey the true intentions to their partner 🔮



It was fun~~




Please watch it by all means~







Tomorrow Monday April 11th from 11:55
I will have the opportunity to make a live appearance in


The Nippon TV’s variety show “Hirunandesu!”.


This is a TV show that I’ve always watched
which I love and admire,
and I’ve always dreamed of appearing in it someday,
so I am really happy 🙇



I’m nervous…so please watch it ( .. ) (Laughs)






Today is the first Meet & Greet sessions for the 4th single


Thanks to everyone who were
able to come to the first round ☺️


For those who I haven’t seen a while,
those who I met for the first time,
I am happy for being able to meet so many of you~~


Let’s continue having fun from now on (^.^)




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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