☺︎‬ (2020.12.10)

We are finally taking a new step forward


May this step of ours,
e a courage for someone else


May this / these song(s)
be a comfort to someone’s heart.


May everyone who have met Sakurazaka46
is filled with overflowing happiness.


We will continue to climb on the new slope,
without stopping





(Tokyo) International Forum.


Five years ago, this is the place where I started
with anxiousness and nervousness,
but also with the sense of excitement of what to come.



And finally, a place where I strongly take a new step forward.




And then with Takahiro-sensei.


I have been saved many times
by the words I received from Takahiro-sensei,
perhaps you can say that I was encouraged.


Everyday I am truly grateful
and filled with respect
for Takahiro-sensei.


Even now I still carry
the words I received from Takahiro-sensei
Everyday, it encourage me.


I truly feel happy that even as Sakurazaka46,
he can still choreograph our songs,
we can still create works together,
and that we can share many time, sceneries, and feelings together.



Let us make many cheery blossoms bloom in full bloom 🌸





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