INORI BLOG (2020.12.10)

This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.

Today, on December 9th (Wed),
Sakurazaka46’s first Single, [Nobody’s Fault], has been released!

It is also the day of Sakurazaka46’s debut.

It is thanks to all of you who are supporting us, that we can make a new start as Sakuraka46.

Thank you very much.

There’s these strange feelings to hear the word “debut”, however I wish that people all over the world find out who Sakurazaka46 is! I wish everyone could listen to our songs! I wish we could give happiness to a lot of people!

Such kind of feelings are building up within me.

I talked about it in the Debut Countdown Live as well, but I will say it again that I really love to see the smiles of members and all of you!

I hope that those who are watching Sakuraza46 and listening to our songs will be full of smiles.

I want to be someone that can bring smile to all of you, and I wish the same for the group as well.

I am bracing myself up more than ever and will do the best in my own way as a member of Sakuraza46.

Thank you for the Debut Countdown Live yesterday!

We performed all the 7 songs that have been recorded for the 1st Single, and also the [Sakuraza no Uta] that was written by Akimoto-sensei for the sake of this day.

I performed during Karin-centered song [Naze Koi wo Shitekonakattan’darou] and [Plastic regret], and also [Sakurazaka no Uta] that was performed by everyone.

I found it hard to express both [Naze Koi wo Shitekonakattan’darou] and [Plastic regret]. I thought that I have yet to understand the meaning of the songs.

However, I have yet satisfied with my own performance and want to expand my ability to express the songs.

We are divided into 3 teams to perform the songs of the 1st Single. Every song has different vibe to it, that I believe you can see lots of different sides of Sakurazaka46.

I find it interesting how the vibe of the group can change depending on the songs!

I hope you all enjoy it.

When performing the last song, [Sakurazaka no Uta],
even though we were apart, I felt like we were connected.

Have you remembered the Sakura-pose??
When the day where everyone can gather and shout out loud in the live venue comes, I hope we all can sing it altogether.

I’m looking forward to that day.

We have just started as Sakurazaka46, but from now on I want to run up the slope along with you all.

I will do my best to make you proud of being a fan Sakurazaka46.

Looking forward for your continued support.

Well then, that will be all for today.

I will post a lot of pictures next time!

Thank you for reading up until the end.

Bye-bye 🦒

Inoue Rina

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