Sakurazaka46 (2020.12.09)


Good afternoon, good evening

I am Sakurazaka46’s Saito Fuyuka🐷🌸



Today, December 9th, is the debut of Sakurazaka46!!!!!


I’m very thankful I could welcome this day safely.          (tl: i.e without incident)

Thank you so much to fans who have been waiting for this day for so long.


This will be the beginning of a new phase in our lives.

It’s certainly not something that should be taken for granted , so from now on I’d like to do what I can to demonstrate my gratitude for how far we’ve come through my actions!!


I had the chance to express this in the Debut Countdown Live yesterday, but I’d like to say it again. Being able to continue with this group is all thanks to my fellow strong-willed 1ki and incredible kouhai, as well as all of the fans who found me and have continued to lend me their support.


It’s the members who have always helped me when I was troubled.

It’s all of the fans who have always cheered me up when I felt anxious.

Thank you so very, very much.

I want to show these feelings to you all!

I want you all to see it. I want you all to discover it.

So I’ll try a little, no, a LOT more!!!!!




Well then…


I’d love for you all to continue loving Sakurazaka46.

I really want it to become a super group!!🕺🔥







I’ll write about the Debut Countdown Live and “Buddies” music video later on, ok?👫🏻🌍






Saito Fuyuka



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