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Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today.



📬Today, 26th Feb (Saturday) 16:00~TV Osaka
I received the honor of appearing on「Tigers’ Exclusive Real Talk ~ We Heard Your Resolution Towards Victory SP~」🐯





Because of my father’s influence since I was little
I’ve been supporting the Hanshin Tigers
Going to Koushien so many times to spectate
That’s how much I’ve enjoyed watching their games.



And so regarding the Hanshin Tigers
I’ve been presented with a job,
That I’ve been invited to appear on this program
Really makes me happy.



Visiting Osaka for the first time in a while,
I also got to experience new things.



On the way there I was nervous the whole time,
Right up until recording I was gripping my own hands hard
Trying to get rid of the nervousness by whatever means.



To such a me, up until recording
All the staff who spoke to me kindly,
During recording, and the short break times too,
Casually made conversation with me
Thanks to all the people co-starring with me, the nervousness gradually dissipated
And I was able to simply enjoy it.


More than anything else, while hearing the players’ real talk
I myself learned a lot of things,
Towards the players’ fiery spirit and high ambitions,
Feelings of respect and “I want to support Hanshin Tigers even more!”
I strongly felt.



I simply love watching the Hanshin Tigers’ games,
and regarding “Hanshin Tigers” I’m still
too ignorant, so from now onwards while supporting them wholeheartedly
I’d like to learn more about them. 🐯📖



That such a me was invited to appear,
Really, really makes me happy.
Thank you very much.‪‪☺︎





I received a uniform from the staff 🐯
Actually, this is my first time wearing it.


This year is also the Year of the Tiger,
so for the Hanshin Tigers
I’ll be cheering for them to have a wonderful year.



Above everything, I’m wishing for the good health of all the players.






What I ate in Osaka.



It was too delicious🍈






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