Breeze (2022.03.01)

Good afternoon.


Recently there’s been a comfortably warm springtime feeling,
so it feels very good. 🌸


Although, until just a few days ago it was extremely cold,
I have the feeling that the temperature has risen very quickly… 🤔


The clothes have now become lighter to wear,
so it will be fun again~


I love spring clothing too. ♡


Breeze (2022.03.01)


A few days ago,
I watched the last episode of a dorama I liked very much
called “Oi Handsome!!” (; 😉
it feels lonesome.


It’s a dorama that also has comedy elements,
I really like it a lot!


I would also like to try doing such kind of work.


There’s also a lot of other doramas
I’m watching right now but,
as much as I want to know the endings,
I have yet to watch them…


I am really enjoying. 💪🏻




Today at 21:00,
in the Message App,
I will send a Vhonotalk video. 🌸


I filmed it during a certain day off.


If you’d like, please watch ‪‪☺︎



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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