The month that flies by (2022.03.03)






It’s already March!🏃‍♂️





I got my hair thinned out a lot 😊














Thank you very much for opening up my blog


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira.







The 5th single “Samidare yo” CD jacket photos have been revealed 📷




This work was also
produced together alongside PERIMETRON-san🌸
They were attentive down to the finest details, and helped us produce lovely images for all the types!


Be sure to check them out 👀



Every inch of the costumes is beautiful🌼


Sugai-san is also beautiful 😳






The other day, I watched “Curtains” that Sugai-san stars in! 👗


Although I’ve always been spending time near her, she sparkled so much alongside the other actors and actresses around her that she felt like an unreachable existence to me!




In addition to her very clear enunciation, her singing made me feel at ease… while embodying all of Sugai-san’s best qualities, she was totally Niki Harris on stage!




I can’t find the right words to express it, but I was moved twice as much by both the performance and Sugai-san 🥺



It was a lovely performance with comedy sprinkled in.
Thank you very much!
I will continue to cheer you on!🐎













And last week, on TV Tokyo Music Festival
I had the honor of filling in for Sugai-san, who was absent due to her schedule for the stage play, in her position for Nagaredama’s performance🔫





I performed in that position during BACKS LIVE, but dancing with the original members was like an entirely different feeling, my heart was pounding from being anxious and nervous the whole time 😖






We’ve got matching hairstyles









So that I can dance with confidence at critical moments,
I thought that I’ll have to start from working harder habitually🕺
Thank you very much.













Meet and Greet
The deadline for the 3rd round of applications is 14:00 today☝️



Definitely come talk with me 〜








Thank you for reading until the end
Masumoto Kira (Kirako)




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