It’s long (2022.03.06)

Good afternoon


The CD jacket artworks
for the 4th single “Samidare yo”,
which will be released on Wednesday April 6th,
have been revealed. 🕊‎


For this current work,
PERIMETRON was also in charge
of the artwork production.


It’s an honor for me that we were able to work together again
even for the 4th single…


Thank you. 🌸


We also received comments
from OSRIN-san (from PERIMETRON)
who has been in charge of the art direction
since our 1st single…


Everyone, please take a look by all means.


It’s long (2022.03.06)


AEON Card’s new TV CM is being broadcasted. 🌷🐝
“New Life” version
“Every day” version


I haven’t come across the CMs yet in TV
because my timing hasn’t been good,
but it seems my family was able to find them. ☺︎

Everyone, please try to find them too. 🦎♡



During the TV Program from NHK
“VR Storyteller’s Stories together with Sakamichi Series [Sakurazaka46 x Earthquake Storyteller, Kesennuma Edition]”,


We heard the story from the storyteller
about the Tohoku earthquake,
which occurred on March 11, 2011,
at the earthquake disaster ruins of the
former Kesennuma Koyo High School
located in Miyaki Prefecture,
which was affected by the earthquake.


I was able to witness an unimaginable scene in front of my eyes
in this school which has been preserved as disaster ruins with the impact it suffered at the time due to the earthquake.


The ceiling is detached and collapsed,
and the screws and iron are exposed,


Things that would have been used at the school such as textbooks, documents, clothes, etc.
were scattered all over the place.


And things that shouldn’t exist at all in a classroom
such as debris and even an upside-down car also ended up drifting there.



Honestly, I was at a loss for words.



At the time of the earthquake,
I was a student of 6th grade of elementary school living in Osaka,
and I was at the gymnasium practicing the rehearsal for the graduation ceremony.


When I thought that maybe I was feeling a bit sick due to standing for a long period of time,
the curtains of the gymnasium were swaying, and this is when I realized that it was actually an earthquake.


After that, after I returned home,
I turned on the TV,
and I saw an unbelievable scene spreading in front of me.


The newscaster was desperately trying to convey the situation,
it looked like a different world,
a very turbulent scene was being projected in the screen.


It was really hard for me to understand that something like this was happening at that very moment,
in the same Japan at the time, so I couldn’t move from there at all.


The images that I saw at the time, still remain deeply in my mind even until today.



Although I felt a little shaking in Osaka,
there was no damage in the region where I was living,
and after that, we just continued living normally without any changes.


The reality is cruel,
and the sad news continue to flow each day.


When looking at what was happening in the same Japan in places that are a bit far away,
I wondered what am I doing? Is it really okay the way it is?
There were days when I felt conflicted and uncomfortable because of the gap between what was been shown in the TV and my own uneventful reality.


As an elementary school student, without being able to understand what could I do,
the only thing I could do was watching the people who worked in charity organizations through the TV, in the end, I felt nothing but my own powerlessness.



Now in 2022, as a 23-years old person. I have become an “adult” who longed for those days, and through this job, I’ve received the opportunity to visit the site.


Also, the storyteller told us many times over and over that
“I wish that you ladies from the young generation, look at what happened here, and spread the word extensively about this”.


Actually, it’s possible to go there and visit,
you can take pictures of the situation at that time,
you can hear the story from the storyteller,
and you are allowed to spread the word about it.


For me, it was very, very valuable experience.



As time goes by,
memories become vague,
or it can also be a story from before you were born.


In order to reach people like that,
without being swallowed by the time, without allowing memories to fade away,
I hope that from now on, everyone can face each other in the future.


I would like to firmly take across the meaning of the former Kesennuma Koyo High School as valuable earthquake disaster ruins,
and I hope to be able to convey it at least a little bit to everyone too.


Please take a look, by all means.



The storyteller Kondo-san
is a very gentle person,
even when the cameras were not around,
he talked to us in a very kind way. 😌


Thank you so much for
teaching us so many things
and for welcoming us in such a warm way.




The Movie: “The Last 10 Years”


I believe I must convey the things that I want to convey,
therefore I’m very glad to have been born in this era where I am able to deliver works, and also experience works in this manner.
It made me think as an individual and as someone who is doing a job right now.


There are also other things I believe I must convey, for example, if there are someone else’s feelings that might be scattered around and hidden somewhere, those are precisely the things that I would like to help deliver.

I’d like to convey things to a large number of people together. I wonder what can I do?… It really made me think a lot.


Precisely because I am doing this job, I felt that I was able to see what I must do; one after another, be it dreams or goals,
that’s the kind of things I feel I have been able to achieve.


I would like to help deliver someone else’s feelings.


What I felt by watching “The Last 10 Years”,
is what I also transmitted through this message, however…


I also got the same feeling from the NHK TV program I mentioned before…



Since I was in elementary school, I’ve been trying to investigate about overseas volunteer activities that I’d like to do,
for example, I’ve always wanted to do something helpful for rescued dogs, rescued cats and for animals in general…


I understand very clearly that it’s not an easy thing to do, but still.


At a glance, I have the feeling that I’ve talked about this before.




I ended up writing a lot…


Thanks a lot for those
who read all the way until the end…


Maybe I ended up just talking about myself…


So, I am very sorry about that…



But I guess sometimes it’s allowed to write with your emotions as they are…




I will write again.

See you!


Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono




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