☺︎ (2020.10.17)

Everyone, good morning


Let’s do our best today too ☺︎


It has been decided that
Sakurazaka46 will participate in the 71st Kouhaku Uta Gassen,
for the first time 🌸


Truly, thank you very much.


I was thinking of watching this year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen as a viewer, and as I do try to learn something from it and find something that could lead towards next year.


Yesterday morning, when we were told that we would be participating in Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the first time, I feel both surprise and nervousness at the same time.


I think that there are various opinions
to how we who only just started our new departure
are able to participate in Kouhaku Uta Gassen.


I’m also feeling very surprised and nervous
at the moment.


I was feeling constantly nervous during the press conference yesterday,
my heart was already beating so fast from backstage,
and in any case, my hands was sweating so much.


But while feeling the gratefulness to be able to participate
in the biggest event on New Year’s Eve, Kouhaku Uta Gassen,
and cherishing this feeling of nervousnes,


When we perform,
while treasuring our original intentions,
as Sakurazaka46 , we’d like to make sure that we properly deliver it to everyone.


So that as many people as possible
are aware of the existence of an idol group named “Sakurazaka46”,


To create a new beginning,
I hope that we can deliver our resolve and determination for the future
through song and performance,


And if we could inspire someone’s courage and confidence.


Please look forward to New Year’s Eve ☺︎
Please treat us well





Suddenly it become a personal topic, but…


The other day, on 14th November, I turned 22 years old ‪‪☺︎


In the mobile app,
I have received many congratulatory letter from everyone, and I feel very grateful to be able to read them one by one 💌🕊


In my 22nd year,
I hope that as many people as possible
could come to know Sakurazaka46.


And I want to work together with all the members
to carefully accomplish each thing in front of us one by one,
and overcome them.




From here on now is a more personal story.


This year, in my mind,
I feel that this 22nd year is a competitive one.


In Sakurazaka46 1st single
A new system called “Sakura Eight”
was introduced.


Even if I can accept myself for a little,
the weak feelings that sometimes appearing and disappearing
may make me feel like this,


“Why is it Koike?”


I’m sure that it is what
you think of me.


Sometimes I feel it
when doing our activities,
and every time I feel that feeling within me,


“I am still lacking so much,
there’s a lot of things I haven’t caught up on”


So I would thought.


Until now, there are many times
where I lose to my weak feelings,
I’m very angry at myself for thinking like that
and most of all I’m very frustated.



If there are people with that opinion,
If there is apart of myself that feel that way,
If I’m frustrated with myself like that,


So that that opinion can change,
Shouldn’t I be doing it myself?
Shouldn’t it be fine?


If that so, there’s no choice but to do it.



I want to be someone
who can lead Sakurazaka46,
In short, I want to be a pillar


So that that feeling wouldn’t be nothing but a goal or dream,
I want to fight with myself every day to make it happen.


I want to further explore and pursue myself.


I want to surpass my yesterday’s self every day and grow.


I want to be strong, and become a pillar.



Now that I’ve put it in words and in writing on my blog,
I will definitely make it happen



Please look after my 22 years self. 🌷


Well then.





For some reason,
recently I feel that
the hardest thing to do is “Be yourself”.

Sometimes, for a little,
I wonder if it’s okay to whine.


I’ll take a little breather
And have the people around me spoil me a lot.


Listen carefully to what various people are saying.


I wondered if these,
are something important
as I’m in the middle of leveling up ☺️





Today’s music


Fukuyama Masaharu-san’s Ashita no ☆SHOW (Tomorrow’s Show)


Recently I’ve been shuffling
Fukuyama Masaharu’s songs.
It become a way to get a daily dose of energy.





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