Sea (2020.11.17)

Good evening!

It has been decided that Sakurazaka46
will be participating in the 71st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen
for the first time.


We members was told of this
in the morning of the same day as everyone else,
and stood on the stage for the press conference as it is.



I, myself, was very surprised,
and you may also have a lot of thoughts about it.


But we, the members,
instead of thinking about too many things,
We would like to make our feelings of gratefulness to be able to selected,
and our honest happy feelings,
bloom on this big stage, on New Year’s Eve.


And we want
more people to learn about Sakurazaka46.



The reason why we are able to perform this time,
is because fans who always supported us,
who always responded.


This isn’t something that you could be like “No, no, that’s not the case”,
because it’s true.


Your power is tremendous



Once again,
Truly, truly, thank you very much
for always supporting Sakurazaka46.


We will perform our best on the day
carrying the thoughts for
the fans who love
and support Sakurazaka46.


And we will also do our best
to answer expectations given from being selected!



I am truly grateful and happy
to be able to share music with you real time
and to meet with you through the screen
on 2020’s closing day!!!!



Without being content of this situation,
I will keep aiming for higher heights,
and do my best.



From now on,
I want to continue to dream dreams big enough that it could be laughed at
with the fans.


By putting effort,
and make each of them come true,
and I want to share overflowing
ears of joy together.



Our first appearance in Kouhaku Uta Gassen too,
I hope that both us and fans
could become one in happiness…



From now on too,
please treat Sakurazaka46 well.



I’m going to carefully spend every day until the end of the year 💐



Sakurazaka46’s 1st single
「Nobody’s fault」

The MV has been released.




Every time I hear this song,
Every time I perform this song,
I love it more and more, my love grows deeper.


It’s strong and cool.



I am truly happy
to be able to start Sakurazaka46 with this song!



A music video filled with our feelings,
Please watch and listen to it again and again! 🌊



We’ll be in your care!



See you!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono 🧸

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