☺︎ (2020.10.17)

Everyone, good evening.

Thank you for your good work today.
And thank you for opening this.


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Koike Minami.


This is my first blog as Sakurazaka46.
I write this while feeling a little bit excited.


Thank you to everyone who have watched
Keyakizaka46’s Last Live that was held the other day, on 12th-13th October


Personally, I feel that we’ve been able to pull off the culmination of our work as Keyakizaka46,
without any regret.


To everyone who have met
Keyakizaka46 somewhere in the past 5 years,


And to
everyone who loves Keyakizaka46’s music,
I hope that Keyakizaka46 and its music can continue to live on in your hearts.


Truly thank you very much for meeting
and supporting us.



There is nothing wasted
in what I’ve gained over the past 5 years.


When I look back at any other them now,
I feel that they have made the group
and myself stronger.


Having said that
It’s not like I will be stuck in memories forever,


I might miss the new things in front of me
without knowing,


So I will gently,
carefully, close it within my heart.


And when suddenly,
my memories as Keyakizaka46 come flooding back.


I hope that the me who works as Sakurazaka46
can have confidence and pride as well.



We will be starting our activity as Sakurazaka46 from now on.


The things we have cultivated over the past five years
will not break easily,
I think that the roots that is strong, thick and resilient
will support a single Sakura tree .


We’re at a new starting line.


We may be facing various headwinds
It may be a steep road where we can see what lies ahead.


I believe that the current us can stand up straight
and strong now,
even if such future awaits us.


Seniors and juniors are irrelevant now.


We want to hold each other’s hands, support each other, be confident, and take a good care of every step.


The future of Sakurazaka46.


I’d be happy if you want to support us
even for just a little.





We’ll be in your care from now on.

Well then.







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