“Keyakizaka46” (2020.10.17)

Hello, good evening

I’m Sakurazaka46’s Saito Fuyuka, formerly of Keyakizaka46 🐷🌸

Please allow me to write this blog as Keyakizaka46


The other day, “Keyakizaka46 The Last Live” was held for 2 days!

Truly thank you very much for those of you who have watched it

And thank you very much for supporting Keyakizaka46 in this about 5 years of time

In the summer of my third year of high school, a series of coincidences led me to audition for Toriizaka46

No one had the idea that I would become an idol, not my family, not my friends, and most importantly, not myself

I love dancing and singing,

Making people laugh is what makes my life worth living

I just want to live happily without having particular worries…

That’s how I lived my life

A really normal life

And that me met “Keyakizaka46”

It wasn’t normal at all, but it was truly fun

The members were all surprisingly have different personalities, and many of them were free-spirited, but

When we take on something, all at once we get out bearings together, and our fighting power goes up like Boom! Wham!

It was strange, fun, and I loved it very much

I think that in my life, that feeling can only be experienced in Keyakizaka46…

We had a lot of troubles, and there were hard times where we didn’t know what to do with ourselves,

But the feeling of being happy to have met the members of Keyakizaka46 definitely outweighs that memory.

1st generation, when we gather we have become so compact like this

We took it in Silent Majority position~ πŸ“·

The members not shown here are also a lifetime treasure of mine

May every one of us live a happy life πŸ’«

And then, 2nd generation πŸ‘§πŸ»β™‘

If the 9 2nd generation members didn’t join Keyakizaka46 at that time,

I have no idea what will become of Keyakizaka46 today…

The fact that Keyakizaka46 was able to beautifully close the curtain like this,

I think it’s because of the 2nd generation members, who took the position they were given and turned it into their own, and continued to refine the work

To the 1st generation members, who were skeptical that no girl would want to wish to be in Keyakizaka46 during Sakamichi Joint Audition,

“All 9 of us wished to be in Keyakizaka46!!”

When they say that with twinkle in their eyes, I truly felt happy

I can be sure now that those words were not a lie

I’m truly so grateful that none of them quit, and continued to stay in Keyakizaka46

I’m looking forward to seeing the 2nd generation members in Sakurazaka46 shining as brightly as they can in their own position, not someone else’s

Truly, thank you very much!!!

And then, the new 2nd generation membersπŸ‘ΆπŸ»

The time we’ve been working together as Keyakizaka46 was short, but I feel we’ve grown considerably closer recently 🌱

I’m sure there’s still a lot I don’t understand, but I’ve been watching how the new 2nd generation members are practicing in silence πŸ‘€

I am excited to create a new group

together with the 6 new 2nd generation members, who are honest, fast-absorbing and hard-working, and who still have many unknowns



“Having Saito Fuyuka in the performance is reassuring, indispensable….” I’m going to work hard and polish myself up so that I can be the kind of member that makes you think that way!


What I particularly felt in this live performance

Is how Keyakizaka46 is too blessed by the professionals around us

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but once again I can’t stop thanking them in all directions…

All the songs, including the lyrics and compositions, of course,

TAKAHIRO-sensei the choreographer, who has been choreographing almost all of our songs since our debut, and the dancers who are teaching us how to dance

Team Keyaki, which includes the (stage) director Nomura-san, who has been directing our live show since before debut, the manipulators, lighting, sound, technical, and VJs who were in perfect harmony with each other

Onai-san, who brings so much love to the design of our uniforms from the fabric to the design, and the members of the costume team, who are always there for us to change, wash and iron our combat uniforms.

The make-up artists who take care of our members’ mental health

Shinto-san, who has been taking important CD jacket photos and artist photos of Keyakizaka46 since our debut, leading to the image of Keyakizaka46

The music video directors who has taken the music video that have become a big reason for people to get interested in Keyakizaka46


Keyakizaka46 was completed with the support of so many people that I can’t even write about it here

It’s a miraculous meeting

Truly, truly, thank you very much

I don’t think Keyakizaka46 could have come this far without all of you

And lastly, to Keyakizaka46 fans

Truly thank you very much for supporting and finding Keyakizaka46 until now

Did you feel happy supporting Keyakizaka46…? Was it fun?

It may not have been a smooth activity, but we, members, have been reassured by everyone who believed in us and supported us at any times…

I’m sorry if these feelings and thoughts are not properly conveyed.

I’m really glad that you are all Keyakizaka46 fans

I think it’s up to all of you to decide if you’ll still support us as Sakurazaka46

I’d be happy if you could come to like us again

Above all, please continue to be a fan of Keyakizaka46 from now on ✨

And then, I think Keyakizaka46 will continue to live on in your hearts 🌳

Once again, thank you so much for your support so far


I am truly happy to be in Keyakizaka46

I will always love Keyakizaka46

Keyakizaka46’s Saito Fuyuka

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