Sakura (2020.10.15)

Hello, it’s Takemoto Yui 🕊

Some time have passed since the end of the show, and I am slowly looking back on the other days,
but the only think that come out is my feeling of gratefulness.
The time I spent as Keyakizaka46, the time of rehearsal, before and during the live performance, I am sure that until now I have experienced countless of feelings inside me

Even hours after the show ended, I couldn’t stop crying, but there were specific moments when the tears come out
When I saw the faces of the people who made this live performance together with us.
When I talk to the director, TAKAHIRO-sensei, the dancers, the cameraman. And when I see so many professionals working for us.
I was filled with an overflowing feeling of gratitude for the people who have supported us and poured everything into Keyakizaka46 with great love

And I think there was a big, big change in me after the show
I think that until this live performance, I had been fighting with myself for a long time. I feel worried, and feel troubled a lot
But after the performance, it was like “I gotta do it. I’m going to do it”
I have completely changed into a steeled person

Once again, to those of you who spend precious, treasured time with us until the very last moments of Keyakizaka46, truly thank you very much!

And with the end of yesterday’s show, Sato Shiori graduated from the group
When I heard about it, my tears started to flow, and I don’t know how I felt
Of course I feel lonely. But there is no changing the fact that Sato-san, who is walking her own path, is very sparkling and remains a woman I admire

“It’s my turn to be a fan of Sakurazaka46’s Yui-chan”
I was so greatly happy to hear her say that,
I promised myself that I would definitely do my best to make sure that she could see my growth

I was very happy to be able to stand on stage and performed together with her until the very end ^^
Thank you very much for this almost 2 years of time

I think that my motivation to do my best in Sakurazaka46 from now on, is my feelings of gratitude for Keyakizaka46.
Time is limited, and I’m going to spend it with all my might. From now on too, I will be in your care

From here are announcements

◯ Release in 15th October “EX Taishu”
This is my last photoshoot as Keyakizaka46, and the first release as Sakurazaka46
The photoshoot was taken with the mood of end of summer, and the beginning of autumn
A lot of members are featured here^^
would be happy if you could pick up a copy

◯ 17th October, 11PM (JST) NHK “SONGS”
This will be our last look as Keyakizaka46. It was recorded while feeling the warmth and the strength of the members
There is also reports on Last Live
Please burn it into your eyes

◯ 20th October, 10PM (JST) Nippon Cultural Broadcasting “Rekomen!”
will be participating in the special week: Sakurazaka festival
It will be my first appearance in Rekomen!, so I feel very, very happy and looking forward to it
I will be in your care

We look forward to your continued support of Sakurazaka46
Let’s make a lot of memories 🌸

See ya❕

Takemoto Yui

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