☺︎ (2021.03.18)

Good evening
Thank you for your hard work for today


At noon today,
2nd Single “BAN” MV has been released ☺!


It is a powerful and cool MV,
so much you can’t miss each and every moment


“BAN” is currently,
the most intense dance I have ever done
When learning the choreography, my muscles ache all over.
I let out several small shrieks.


Somewhere in the future
When we have the chance to do a “BAN” performance


Because the dance for this song
have a sense of unity as a whole
it become a dance that can be seen even more strongly and cool
So I will do my best to
(to perform) something even cooler than the MV!


Every time I get a muscle pain,
My muscles are so happy ~~ ☺︎ (miyno:??????)


The MV was filmed in Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture ☺.


I never thought that someday we would be shooting a MV in Hyogo Prefecture
It was really unexpected, I was very happy about it~!


Despite being someone from Hyogo Prefecture, this is the first time I have been to Awaji Island, so I was enjoying the scenery even though it was around the shooting location during the MV shooting period ☺.


I breathed in a lot of Hyogo air
I felt really energized ☺︎


And again, when everything has settled down.
It be nice to go in my private time ~





Lime squash, it was really delicious ☺️
As expected, I really like carbonated drinks



Today, online meet & greet
3rd round applications has started ‪‪☺︎‬




The third round applications is open until 14 JST tomorrow March 18th 🌷.


Every day, from the letters
I have receive so much support, energy and love,
This seems greedy
I’m really sorry but…


It’s online, but
I wish I could have a fun and happy time
one-on-one with everyone ☺︎


I would like to express my daily gratitude
to everyone directly in person!


I would love to meet you all of you ☺!




Sheep hairstyle, during previous Miguri
I’d love to do it again🐑



Well then





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