Riko (2021.03.18)

I am Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho!








In today’s blog
I want to write about Riko.


March 14th






I first talked to Riko
at the 3rd judging during auditions,


The more I talked to her
the more interesting she was, and we naturally became close.





The places we were living at that time
were also miraculously very close to one another, so



We’d get up and go to a nearby park together until it was dark
practicing dancing, practicing self-introductions
We’d joke around there, saying
“This is our ‘Another Sky’”          Japanese talk & travel television show



We’d go to our favorite Japanese-style restaurant
on the way home from school


The two of us could talk about the old days for an eternity


She was someone who was a friend to me




I truly loved having fun
laughing and hanging out with Riko






Riko is someone always true to herself
bravely opening new paths
Being that way
is honestly so cool.




The time I was able to spend with her as a member of the same group
was incredibly short
So this feels truly, truly lonely but



I want to support Riko in what she does going forward
with all my strength





We’ll continue to be friends forever.

Thank you for everything up til now🌱








I hope Riko’s dreams
will blossom


I ended up taking 90 photos in a row. Cute.












You were caught in a 15cm swamp


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