☺︎ (2021.05.09)

Thank you for your hard work today
Yesterday and today, for these two days.
We held individual online meet & greets ☺
Even if it is just for a short time during your holidays,
To be able to meet everyone through the screen
I was very happy
Thank you
For always coming to meet me
Recently, there were quizzes, monomane (impersonations) and
people who wrote letters and read them to me directly,
People who drew illustrations and many more
For my sake, they have taken the trouble to prepare all of these
Everyone also showed me their pets,
It’s so much fun, soothing, and makes me very happy 😳
With this limited time
(It feels like) I’m the only one who is enjoying it
There are many times when I worry
if I am giving anything back to you.
I hope to be a source of comfort and sustenance (strength) for everyone.

Half up.

I was happy that this hairstyle was well-received by everyone.

Hyogo Sisters☺
Kira-chan and Inori was having a cute quarrel
I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it.
It really makes me feel like I have little sisters. 😊

Ao, happy birthday 🦖

Wonderful 1st gen
Here are photos from yesterday’s miiguri,
I’ll post more later ☺

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