So a carrot, then (2021.05.08)


Good evening

Thank you very much to all of you

who have came to today’s online meet & greet

I felt so shy from getting many compliments

on “CLASSY June Edition” that is currently on sale

Being told that I suited wearing any colors makes me happy

Thank you for reading it, everyone

Today I ate lunch with Miichan, and when I said “Recently I’m into green and orange”, she pointed out, “So a carrot, then”





And I’m

addicted to black coffee

That’s my recent Haboom [pun]

Can you drink it?
I can’t go on with my day if I don’t drink one

There’s no stopping the coolness ♪

But coffee contains caffeine

It makes you can’t sleep at night

So I recommend drinking it in the morning

Excuses like “I stayed up thinking about Habu-chan and ended up oversleep ☆”

won’t be accepted, ‘kay?

Please treat me well on tomorrow’s meguri as well 🖤

And then, after this from 11:30PM JST

I will be appearing on

This time it’s a gathering of APEX beauties

Everyone are so cute and very kind

I hope you can give it a check 😝

Octane FTW!!!

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