☺︎ (2021.06.19)

Thank you for your hard work today
For three days from the 16th to 18th,
BACKS LIVE was held
at the Maihama Amphitheatre🌸
For the 16th and 17th,
Like you, I was watching the online streaming,
On the 18th, I went to see the live at the actual venue ☺️
Everyone’s spirit and strength was amazing,
Above all, the hard work they have put in during this period and their feelings was fully conveyed in the live.
The way they shine with their own individuality,
I couldn’t stop crying from beginning to the end.
I feel that,
Sakurazaka can still become stronger
I gained motivation after watching the live,
I also want to be someone who makes the group stronger,
To become stronger as an individual,
I want to be a person who makes history
This was something I strongly thought about during the live.
All of Sakurazaka46’s members,
I think we have an infinite future ahead of us.
I will do my best so that
when that future becomes the past,
It will be part of my own wonderful history,
As well as to leave behind something as part of Sakurazaka46’s history forever
Really good work to everyone!
Give yourself a lot of praises
I hope you reward yourself a lot ☺️
Next in the coming month,
Its “W-KEYAKI FES. 2021” 😳
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen everyone,
I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you again,
It will be the first live performance that
Everyone can see in person.
The period for this performance
I’ m going to do my best to polish my skills even more!
I want to exceed my limits just a little bit more 👊🏻
I’m really looking forward to it,
but I’m also feeling nervous.

On June 20th from 0:20 JST,
TV Asahi’s Neobuzz “Bibirasetei”
I will be appearing on it together with Ten-chan!
Attack on the challengers gathered in the mansion,
With a variety of scare tactics was used
To raise our heart rate up
Among these players,
There’s a wolf who knows about all the tricks
It’s a game where you have to identify the wolf. 🐺
Before a live I could feel my heart beating
I know it’s because of my nervousness
From beginning to end, I was very nervous and full of anxiety
But the atmosphere was really fun,
I was able to learn a lot from it 😊
Above all, to be able to appear with Ten-chan
I was very happy
Whenever I felt a bit scared
I would look at Tenchan and I would feel at ease
It was very reassuring ☺️
(I wonder which one of us is older than the other)
And then,
I had the pleasure to work with
Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers’ Nadaru-san
I was very happy~!
If you have time to spare
By all means, please watch it☺️
You can also watch it on ABEMA,
By all means, please watch it there as well!

Well then


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