☺︎ (2021.06.30)

Thank you for your hard work today
Today, we (Sakurazaka46) appeared on “TV Tokyo Music Festival 2021” ☺︎‬
We were performing with new costumes,
It was a very refreshing feeling!



I really like the beautiful way the skirt spreads when we turn,
Or the overall view when we held the hem of the skirt
And spread it out to the side ☺︎‬
We looked like blue butterflies 🦋
All the wonderful costumes,
I feel a sense of happiness
Each time I wear it
I will continue to do my best
while continuing to be surrounded by happiness,
to deliver Sakurazaka’s music and performance to many people
in my own way, happily!

I have noticed that my hair is getting long
Well then

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