☺︎ (2021.07.29)


Thank you for your hard work today

Here are some photos with members
from the W-KEYAKI FES that
I didn’t get a chance to post. 📷








She turned 23 before me.
I’ll catch up with her soon.

Congratulations 🎂



One day on the way home, I saw the evening sky,
It was really beautiful,
I like to share it with you ☺︎‬




For about five minutes or so, the sky looked like this.

It was really only for a moment,

It was so beautiful that,
I sat down on a bench nearby and couldn’t help looking at it☺

It was very soothing~~

Well then.



Today’s music.

Marcy-san / Planetarium

I’ve only just discovered this song.
I love it already.


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