☺︎ (2021.08.18)

Good evening

Thank you for your hard work today

Today’s hairstyle.


Translator Note: Chonmage is a type of traditional Japanese topknot haircut worn by men.

For the blog, I put a ribbon on it. ‪‪☺︎‬



From 14:00 JST today until 14:00 JST tomorrow 19 August,
The second round of Online Meet & Greet applications is now open ☺

And the first part of the first day,
Thank you for selling it out…!!

I’m very shy and I’m a bit clumsy,
Everyone’s requests,
I may not be able to do respond to all of it

And yet you still come to see me,
The support I always receive from everyone
I’m really grateful for it☺︎‬

Whether you’ve never met me before,
Or if you’ve come to see me before,
Please feel free to talk to me about any topic ☺️

Me too, even if it’s just my normal feelings,
I want to convey them as much as I can to you.
I will train my heart~!



By all means, please apply here!

I’ll be waiting~ ☺️

Well then.


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